Pet Care Library

CPAH offers access to two online veterinary database libraries for our clients. In the LifeLearn and Veterinary Information Network (VIN) libraries, you will find articles about pet health, behavior issues, and pet medications. By making the most up-to-date resources available from veterinary-trusted sources, we hope to help you make informed decisions about your pet's treatment and medical care.

LifeLearn Pet Library

It's easy to find articles in the LifeLearn Pet Library. Simply use the search box to find the subject you are looking for. Enter a word or words that describe the topic you want information on, then press "Enter" to search. You can narrow your search by selecting the "Species."

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VIN Pet Health Library

Our doctors use Veterinary Information Network daily—it’s the “Google” for quality veterinary information and education, and the world’s largest online veterinary database and community. VIN also provides reliable up-to-date pet health information for our clients.

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