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Problems with Fleas and Your Pet--The video recommends Advantage®2, but it's messy! Simparica® and Trifexis® are tasty chews that dogs love, and more effective than Advantage®2 or Frontline®.

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog

Parasite Myth: Cats Don't Get Ticks

Ticks Are A Year Round Problem

Ticks Have Personalities Too!

Tick Life Cycle

Flea and Tick Medications for Dogs

Each year, we choose the most effective and economical prevention for your pet.  "CPAH Best Product" prices are lower than retailers and online pet pharmacies. We offer great savings with rebate coupons that are not available online or in retail stores.

CPAH Best Products

  • Simparica® Chewables are safe, monthly flea and tick prevention for dogs. Buy 12 doses, receive $35 coupon, buy 6, receive $15 coupon. Download  Coupon

  • Trifexis®Chewables are safe, monthly chewable for dogs. It prevents fleas, heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. Do not use on cats. Trifexis® is our “CPAH Best Product” for pets with no tick exposure. Buy 12 doses, receive $25 rebate, buy 6, receive $10 rebate. Trifexis® Rebate
  • Simparica® and Trifexis® can be purchased at our hospital. CPAH Home Delivery will deliver to your door, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49!  

CPAH Online Pharmacy and Rebate Coupons

Special savings are not always available online, plus our staff always enjoys seeing you--you're part of our CPAH family.!

Flea and Tick Medication for Cats

Our “CPAH Best Product” for flea control is Revolution®. It also prevents feline heartworm, a serious problem in the Lawrence area. Buy 6 doses, get 2 free, buy 9 doses, get 3 free.

If questions, please call us at 785-841-3131.

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