Pre-Anesthesia Testing

We understand how difficult it is for families to take their pets in for surgery. Even a routine procedure involving anesthesia can seem intimidating.

At CPAH, we conduct a physical exam prior to administering anesthesia, as well as screen for internal problems that cannot be detected during a physical exam. These tests help identify pre-existing conditions thus improving anesthetic safety but also providing valuable baseline data for future comparison.

Many variables affect anesthesia including the patient, the sedative, and anesthetic agents used. Veterinary patients pose a greater anesthetic challenge than human patients because of weight and breed variables.

Our veterinarians will recommend diagnostic testing appropriate for your pet, based on a thorough physical exam, past medical history and your pet’s age.

We offer four levels of pre-anesthetic testing:

  • Junior pre-anesthetic evaluation
  • Adult pre-anesthetic evaluation
  • Golden pre-anesthetic evaluation
  • Senior pre-anesthetic evaluation

Anesthesia safety is a priority and pre-procedure testing helps ensure the best experience for your pet.

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