Patient Resources

At CPAH, our veterinary staff is dedicated to providing the best animal health care for your pet. Part of that care is providing a variety of resources to keep you well-informed about your pet's health and potential areas of concern.

  • Pet Care Library

    Pet Care Library

    We offer access to online veterinary databases where you can find information about pet health, behavior, and medications.

  • Animal Behavior Network

    Pet Behavior Resources

    Our Pet Care Library contains information on most pet behavior issues as well as numerous articles relating to puppies and kittens.

  • CPAH Mobile App

    Mobile App

    CPAH offers a mobile app to help pet owners easily manage their pet's health.

  • Hospital Tour

    Online Forms

    Whether you want to request an appointment, make a reservation for pet boarding or get a head start on the paperwork for your pet's first visit, we offer several online forms for your convenience. Request an Appointment For your convenience, you can request an appointment online. Please be sure...

  • Prescriptions


    If your pet needs medication, we have two resources to help: access to an online pet pharmacy and in-house prescription refills. To request a new medication or address a new concern about your pet, please schedule an appointment.

  • Choosing a Veterinarian

    Choosing a Veterinarian

    We consider you and your pet family.      Information to Consider:

  • Useful Website Links

    Other Online Resources

    To help our clients with other issues, we've compiled this list of additional online pet resources.