Choosing a Veterinarian

Choosing a Veterinarian

We consider you and your pet family. 



Information to Consider:

  • After you, a veterinarian will be the most important person in your pet’s life 
  • Choose an animal doctor as carefully as you would choose a family doctor 
  • Find someone you can talk to and trust 
  • Is it important to you to have the most advanced quality of care or is a more basic approach acceptable to you? 
  • Ask someone you trust for a recommendation, who they’d recommend, and why. 
  • What are the hours of operation? 
  • Tour the facility, meet the staff and doctors; check for cleanliness in all areas of the hospital. 
  • Does the waiting room have separate areas for dogs and cats? 
  • Visit a practice’s Web site to get a feel for their approach to veterinary care. 
  • Is the practice accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association? Only 12% of veterinary hospital in North America are AAHA certified. 
  • Are any doctors board-certified in the ABVP category of Canine and Feline Practice
  • Can laboratory tests, ultrasound, etc. be done the same day—time is important if your pet is sick. 
  • Are certified technicians available to care for your pet? 
  • Are the office staff friendly and ready to answer questions and give you a tour? 
  • Does the staff attend seminars and workshops regularly? 
  • What emergency care services are provided? 
  • Are there payment plans available? 
  • Is pet health insurance available? 
  • Multiple veterinarians are helpful in providing a second opinion “on the spot”, or if an urgent appointment is needed. 

Other Questions to Ask

Anesthesia Safety

  • Are anesthetic machines carefully inspected and calibrated by a certified anesthetic specialist on an annual basis to ensure they are working properly? 
  • Do certified veterinary technicians monitor anesthetics? 
  • What anesthetic parameters are monitored to avoid anesthetic complications?
  • What is done to prevent patient hypothermia during the surgery and recovery?

Dental Care

  • Are dental cleanings done by a certified technician? 
  • Does a trained assistant monitor anesthesia 100% of the time? 


  • Is a board-certified radiologist available to review radiographs? 


  • Does the hospital have on-site ultrasound services available? 
  • When was the ultrasound machine purchased? Significant improvements in technology have been made within the last few years. 
  • What experience and training does the veterinarian have in this field?

Pain Management

  • Does the hospital have a written protocol regarding pain management guidelines? 

Why Choose CPAH?

At Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, we provide a standard of animal health care founded on compassion, care and a deep commitment to your pets.

CPAH is the best choice for pets and owners in the Lawrence area. Here’s why:

  • Voted #1 veterinary hospital in Best of Lawrence competition for 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • Obtained the highest level of accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • Achieved national recognition for excellence in veterinary medicine and practice.
  • Blood work and diagnostic tests such as ultrasound can be done on-site—time is important if your pet is sick.

Experience the difference with a team that considers you and your pet part of our family! 


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