Anesthesia Safety

 Anesthesia Safety and Your Pet

Anesthesia Safety
At CPAH, safe anesthesia, continuous patient monitoring, patient warmth and patient comfort are a priority for every pet. CPAH uses specially trained, certified veterinary technicians to monitor your pet during and after surgery. 

Pre-Anesthesia Blood Work

We recommend appropriate blood tests to screen internal organ function.  This allows us to identify potential problems that may be undetectable on a physical exam.  Learn More...

CPAH Anesthesia Goals

  • Certified technician with your pet 100% of the time—priceless!
  • Warm, comfortable and pain free during and after the procedure.
  • Intravenous fluids prevent hypotension and improve circulation

Anesthesia Monitoring

  • End-Tidal CO2 —If your pet’s breathing or blood flow is too slow or too shallow the carbon dioxide reading will start rising an triggers an alarm.
  • Blood pressure — Our certified technicians measure pressures every few minutes just like what is done for human patients.
  • Pulse Oximeter — Measure show much oxygen the blood cells are carrying which can alert us to issues of poor respiration or poor circulation.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) —A continuous ECG readout of the hearts electrical activity just as you would see in any human operating room.
  • Body Core Temperature — We utilize multiple forms of patient warming to maintain adequate body core temperature in your pet during and after any surgical procedure.

Patient Warming

A water blanket is connected to a pump that circulates warm waters and help s patients during and after surgical procedures.

Pet Warming
  A special blanket delivers a continuous gentle flow of warm air.

For many years, human patients have experienced the benefits of forced-air warming blankets and now your pet does too.

Why It’s Important to Manage Your Pet’s Pain?

Pain management is a very important component to a successful surgical and recovery experience.  Our Pain Management Guidelines describe our goal to ensure your pet’s recovery process, whether from illness, surgery or injury.

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Anesthesia and Your Pet from the American Veterinary Medical Association

Pre-Anesthesia Blood Tests from the American Veterinary Medical Association

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