IV Fluids in Pet Surgery

The safety of your pet is a top priority. To maximize anesthesia safety for our patients, we administer intravenous fluids to all pets who receive inhaled anesthesia.

Why Are IV Fluids Important?

Administering intravenous fluids (IV fluids) is routine practice in the human realm, but it's not always practiced in veterinary medicine. But a recent veterinary study emphasizes the importance of giving IV fluids during even minor, elective surgical procedures. 

An IV pump is a sophisticated machine that allows us to give precise amounts of fluids over many hours. Programmable digital IV pumps provide very precise measurement of administration rates for fluids given during anesthetic procedures.

An IV catheter delivers fluids to your pet to help maintain blood pressure and assist the body in processing anesthetic medicines. This results in a quicker recovery time. Additionally, if an emergency situation should develop, the IV catheter allows rapid administration of drugs.