Senior Care for Cats

Like people, cats are living longer than ever. This is great news! We all treasure the companionship we share with our cats. At CPAH, we hope to provide your cats with the longest, happiest lives possible.

The Goal of Senior Care

We want to help you maintain the highest quality of life for your cat and enhance the bond that you share. Together, we can make the senior years the most rewarding years for you and your cat.

Caring for your senior cat means more than treating problems as they arise. Preventive care is the most important component of pet healthcare in all stages of life.

Senior Wellness Program

At 7 years old, cats are considered seniors. At this life stage changes in physical condition and behavior inevitably occur.

CPAH recommends a Senior Wellness Program for all cats over 7. The noninvasive tests help us care for your senior cat in two ways:

  • First, the tests can identify possible health problems before they become life threatening. Early testing and detection of medical problems allows for a more favorable outcome, or prognosis, and more cost-effective options.
  • Second, these tests will provide a baseline with which your veterinarian can measure changes should your cat become ill in the future.

How Old Is Your Cat?

Animals age differently than humans. The chart below compares a cat's age with the equivalent years to a human's age. After the age of 5, cats typically age 5 human years for each calendar year. Note the years when a cat is considered an adult, senior and super senior.

Cat's Age Equivalent Human's Age Life Stage
5 30 Adult
6 35 Adult
7 40 Senior
8 45 Senior
9 50 Senior
10 55 Senior
11 60 Senior
12 65 Senior
13 70 Senior
14 75 Senior
15 80 Super Senior
16 85 Super Senior
17 90 Super Senior
18 95 Super Senior
19 100 Super Senior
20 105 Super Senior
21 110 Super Senior
22 115 Super Senior
23 120 Super Senior
24 125 Super Senior

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