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Our goal is to provide online resources for owners and their pets. 

Access our online resources for your pet's health, behavior and medications. Discover helpful information for cat and dog lovers. We have 5 main sections of information.

Cat LoversEducational Information, Fun Stuff Videos and Shopping for Your Cat.

Dog LoversEducational InformationFun Stuff Videos and Shopping for Your Dog.

Pet Care LibraryVeterinary Information Network and LifeLearn Library.

Wikipedia for Pets

  • General Information
  • Why Pets are Special
  • Pet Loss Support
  • Pet Charities

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General Information

American Kennel Club

Gene Therapy for Neuromuscular Diseases: Surprising Lessons Learned from Dogs

Veterinary News Network

What Makes a Veterinary Practice AAHA Accredited?

Why Our Pets Are Special

TED Video: It's Time to Re-evaluate Our Relationship With Animals by Lesli Bisgould

TED Video: How Dogs Love Us by Dr. Gregory Berns

TED Video: Why Don't Dogs Live Forever by Rodney Habib

TED Website

You can listen to TED presentations while driving!

Pet Loss Support

A Story for Dog Lovers (This will make you cry)

And God Made a Dog

Inspirational Video

The Rainbow Bridge

Veterinary Hospice Care

Pet Charities

Animal Charities of America

Animal Charity Evaluators

Animals Austrailia--The Voice for Animals

Best Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Morris Animal Foundation

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