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Our Pet Care Library contains information on most pet behavior issues as well as numerous articles relating to puppies and kittens.

The Animal Behavior Network

CPAH provides free one-year memberships to the Animal Behavior Network for puppies, kittens and pets with behavior issues. The network allows pet owners to learn how to understand, teach, and modify pet behaviors from the convenience of home. When owners understand pet behaviors, they can develop a more rewarding relationship with their pets.

The network can help you:

  • Improve your relationship with your pet
  • Learn how to teach and shape pet manners at home
  • See the world through the eyes of your pet
  • Learn to communicate with your body language and voice tones and to read your pet’s body language
  • How to become effective pet parents to prevent the most common pet behavior complaints

Client Testimonials about the Animal Behavior Network

“Thank you for the valuable information; it has been very helpful. We’ve had dogs for almost 40 years but find that, with each new puppy, we need to learn new things and take a refresher course of what we already know. Your e-mails and articles have helped to introduce Louie to our two other dogs, in housebreaking him, etc. Thanks for your daily emails.”

“[Your emails] contain lots of information for 'new parents' and offer lots of insight into animal behavior. I think it is a wonderful service to offer pet owners for their benefit and for the benefit of the new pet in the household.”

“Lycan is doing great. No problems at all. Sleeping all night. Going to the door when he needs to go out. Great with kids and other dogs and smaller pets. There is always room for improvement though. We enjoy the helpful tips on the weekly updates, thanks. We couldn’t be more happy with how Lycan is turning out. He really is a great dog.”

“I do enjoy the emails. It has been helpful! I think it is neat that my vet office provides the service for free.”

“The information I have been receiving has ... [helped] me understand how my puppy thinks so I can better interact with her. I have learned a great deal about how to train her from the emails I have been receiving and feel I would have been very lost without them! I am very appreciative my Veterinarian and the Animal Behavior Network offers these emails. “

One-on-One Training

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