Other Online Resources

To help our clients with other issues, we've compiled this list of additional online pet resources.

General Information

  • American Kennel Club: Descriptions and photos of all AKC breeds
  • Pets911.com: Because every community has pets in need. for all your pet adoption information. Shelters and rescues, pet adoption locations, spay/neuter information, local events.
  • Veterinary News Network: National network of veterinarians and selected affiliate reporters who use VNN produced resources to broadcast local news stories about current issues and advances in animal medicine.

Pet Loss

Medical Information

  • Aerosol Chambers: The AeroDawg* Canine and Feline Aerosol Chambers (CAC) are designed to be used with a metered dose inhaler (puffer) as recommended by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to dogs and cats with respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, laryngeal paralysis or tracheal collapse. Video on using an aerosol chamber in a cat.
  • Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB): FAB has been providing information on cats and their care in health and sickness for many years. The charity has become synonymous with expertise in feline treatment, both in the veterinary field and cat care in general.
  • GPS Pet Tracker by Pawscout: Never lose your best friend with a digital pet tag and tracker. Radar-style honing uses your phone to locate your lost pet.
  • Mar Visa Animal Center: Great resource for information on a variety of pet conditions and surgical procedures.
  • MDR1 Mutant Gene Testing for Ivermectin Use: Order a cheek swab to test for MDR-1 gene testing and ivermectin treatment in pets, through Washington State University Veterinary Hospital.
  • Morris Animal Foundation: MAF is the world’s largest nonprofit foundation dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals, including companion animals as well as wildlife.
  • Vet-Stem: Regenerative medicine for Degenerative Joint Disease (arthritis) with Stem Cell Therapy. 
  • Veterinary Cancer Society: The Veterinary Cancer Society was formed in 1974 by an interested group of veterinary oncologists. It is a non-profit educational organization that is incorporated in the State of Illinois. Our current membership numbers around 600 and includes specialists in medical, surgical, and radiation oncology, internists, pathologists, pharmacologists, and general practitioners from all over the United States and the world.


  • Dognition: Assessment games created by scientists, trainers, and behavioral specialists. They are fun and easy for anyone to play with their dog at home. In the time you would normally take your dog for a walk, you can gain a whole new understanding of your dog’s unique genius.
  • EuroDog Designs: Online dog boutique where you will find the ultimate in dog collars and dog wear.
  • Indoor Cat Initiative: A great source of information for indoor cats from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • PetDIETS.com: A premier site for pet nutrition advice and homemade diets from veterinary nutritionists

Animal Poisons & Toxins

  • National Animal Poison Control Center: Located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPPC) is a non-profit service of the University of Illinois. It is the first animal-oriented poison center in the United States.
  • Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants from ASPCA: A list of toxic and non-toxic plants in pets.
  • Toxic Plant Database: Helpful information on plants which are toxic to animals. Includes listing of common and scientific names

Pet Insurance

  • CareCredit: CareCredit offers veterinary financing to cover annual expenses like preventative care check-ups or for unexpected costs such as emergency surgeries.
  • Insurance for Your Pet: Helpful information in deciding which pet insurance company is the best for you. CPAH recommends Trupanion in most cases.

Pet Travel

  • Animal Export information: Information on traveling with your pet out of the country
  • Pet Friendly Travel: Find pet friendly hotels and lodging so you can travel with your pet. PetFriendlyTravel.com gives you easy access to pet friendly accommodations, including pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts and lodges in the US and Canada.