Dr, Sarah Kaufman

Dr. Sarah Kaufman graduated from Colorado State University in 2008, receiving combined Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Masters of Business Administration degrees. She moved to Lawrence immediately following graduation, but worked for private practices in Overland Park and Lenexa, until joining CPAH in 2017. Sarah also spent two years working for Hill’s Pet Nutrition in sales and marketing.

Relationship building is one of Sarah’s favorite parts of her job -- she loves keeping pets healthy and happy so that all families can experience the true joy that the human-animal bond can bring.  Her special interests include ultrasound, nutritional management of chronic diseases, and soft tissue surgery.

Sarah and her husband Quentin have a daughter (Alexandra) and twin sons (Henry and Michael). They also share their home with a Great Dane lap dog named Jasper, and an extremely tolerant elderly tortoiseshell cat named Tita. When Sarah is not working, she enjoys playing the piano with Alexandra, digging in the garden with Henry and Michael, and taking family hikes at Clinton Lake. Sarah and Quentin appreciate the quality of life they enjoy in Lawrence, and enjoy giving back to their community by volunteering with Justice Matters and LINK through Plymouth Congregational Church.